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Comedy, Racing and the Joker lane

The one off addition of the Joker Lane at the Monster Energy Cup last month added more than just a racing strategy to the first ten lap race. It added comedy. The comedy became acutely apparent after Dungey took the checkered flag. Especially when he was running in second and immediately asked Ryan Villopoto, who was leading the race, "What happened?". The always respectful and humble Villopoto quickly replied with a slap on the side of Dungey's helmet and said "I took the Joker Lane!". You could see the frustration and upset Dungey felt after realizing the results of this embarrassing brain fart when he continued to hit his cross bar and throw his head down in disgust at himself. Even though Dungey did not consider this funny in the least it was quite comical to everyone else who witnessed this in total disbelief. No one could believe that a focused champion like Ryan Dungey could forget such a simple rule as to take the Joker Lane once during a ten lap race.

Dungey shook off his mistake and put down some good laps in the second race that night including a run through the Joker Lane. But the leaders of this race were James Stewart and Ryan Villopoto and as the race came to the final lap both riders had not yet taken the mandatory Joker Lane. Of course everyone knew that they both would take it on the last lap right? There was no way Stewart or Villopoto would forget. But then the unthinkable happened. Stewart cuts hard to the right and makes it into the Joker Lane without any room to spare but Villopoto never let off the throttle and went straight into the main part of the race track. However this time the mistake wasn't as funny because a few jumps later Villopoto crashed hard after coming up short on one of the biggest hits of the night.

Villopoto got up and walked off on his own but chose to sit out of the final race. Dungey came back strong and battled with James Stewart for the Monster Energy Cup title but his mental mistake in the first race was too much to overcome and James ended up winning the title and the $100,000 bonus that goes with it. And that there is no Joke!

These races are not intended to be comical but sometimes even the most serious and focused events can generate some laughs. Especially when you change the format from the normal racing environment and add in human error.

However, if laughs are what you are searching for this off season you don't have to go far for some stand up comic relief because there are some very funny semi-pro comics that entertain on Tuesday night's at Angie's Bar and Grill in Harrisburg.

These comics also entertain at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in down town Harrisburg. Last month there were six very funny mid-staters performing at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore and they are expected to have more shows in the near future. So be sure to check out for dates and times. And for a quick look at of each of the comedians that where there on October 18, 2013 be sure to watch the video attached to this article.

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