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Comedy for a Cause: "Vulgar Display of Comedy" has a Heart

John Tole, shown here at the Improv, heads up "Vulgar Display of Comedy", raising money for charity.
John Tole, shown here at the Improv, heads up "Vulgar Display of Comedy", raising money for charity.
Facebook photo, used with permission

Guys telling raunchy jokes to raise money for a charitable cause - is that a conundrum? Maybe so, but no matter. The group "Vulgar Display of Comedy" is hosting a charity comedy show on February 28th at Hyena's Dallas, to benefit Sethen Waid, who was the victim of a drunk driver in June of 2009. Sethen suffers from traumatic brain injury due to the accident, and he is, sadly, uninsured. He and his family need a lot of help and support to fund his treatments and rehabilitation. Read Seth's story here.

Vulgar Display of Comedy was founded by national act and local favorite, John Tole, and the super funny Dallas talents Justin Foster  and Brad LaCour, who are both featured at Hyena's and the Improv clubs, as well as local radio and other Dallas media. Their shows include several special ‘guests', depending on the location. You can check them out on Facebook at

Vulgar Display is an offshoot of John's ProLaugh group, which was created "to assist charities in fundraising by providing comedy services to raise money." According to Tole, to date they have raised over  $1700 for Haiti through their Champions page at

The Seth Waid benefit takes place on Sunday, February 28th at 8 PM at the Dallas location of Hyena's, Mockingbird Station. Performing in this show are John Tole, Justin Foster, Brad LaCour, and Jon-O. The show is free, but they are asking for donations for Seth. You can make a difference.

Other shows this month from Vulgar Display of Comedy:

Wednesday, Februray 24th - Smash Comedy - An interactive Dallas Comedy Game Show, live at The Addison Improv. Mention "John Tole" and get 2 for 1 tickets

Friday, February 26th - Vulgar Display of Comedy, featuring John Tole and Brad LaCour, after  Killswitch Engage, The Devil Wears Prada and Dark Funeral at The Palladium Ballroom in Dallas. (Yes, John is a metal fan!)

Saturday, February 27th - The Dirty Show with John Tole, Joey Diaz and Brad LaCour, 11:30 PM at The Addison Improv.

If anyone has a charitable cause and would like comedy to be a part of it, contact John Tole at, or find his group online at

These guys have a heart, along with some brains and courage thrown in for good measure. Go out and support these shows. Laughter truly is the best medicine, and it's a great thing they're doing!

If you have a charity comedy event that you would like mentioned here, e-mail Jenn at:


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