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Comedy Club Promoter Brings New Style of Funny to Arizona Comedy Scene

Sexy Arizona female comedians come together for one night of Funny
Sexy Arizona female comedians come together for one night of Funny
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Arizona comedy club promoters are busier than ever. With a wide variety of local comedy rooms, sports bars, comedy clubs and restaurants creating comedy nights for their patrons. There are plenty of places for an up and coming standup comedian to work on their craft.

Comedy club/ event promoter and part-time comedian Brandonn BHouse of: We Are One Presents gave me some insight into what sets him apart from other comedy promoters in the valley. For starters he is doing something that hasn’t been done on the comedy scene in Arizona before among local comedians.

BHouse is putting together a comedy showcase called “The Divas of Arizona Comedy”. The showcase will feature 10 female comedians eight of which are African American. Some of them have never performed together but are willing to come together to create something magical and new for the Phoenix market.

Q: How did you get started in comedy?

A: While trying to hold down two full time jobs at my second job I was making people laugh at night during work which was causing a reduction in productivity. When asked about it from my boss I denied it. My boss went on to tell me a story of how he wanted to be a minister but life got in the way. He told me that if I am passionate about something I should pursue it. I had heard this before but for some reason this time it stuck and I quit my job a week later and began doing standup comedy.

Q: Why did you decide to promote comedy shows?

A: Even before I got on stage the first time, my goal was to one day promote and host my own comedy shows. I wanted to own my “brand.” I truly and honestly believe no one can promote you better than YOU! I wanted to control my image. I also saw many comedians on the comedy circuit here in Phoenix who I felt were not getting the exposure and visibility that I thought they should have. I began to search out the best up and coming comedians in the Valley and give them a shot that no one else would give them.

Q: What makes what you are doing different from other comedy club promoters?

A: What makes me different…? Hmmm… I don’t consider myself a promoter… I know I am, but I don’t consider myself as one and I think that what separates me from the rest… I know the things I would like to hear and see and I’m just making my vision a reality.

Q: What are you most excited for with the Divas of Arizona Comedy show?

A: When I first came up with this idea, I didn’t think there were that many female comedians in the Valley to create a show around… After attending various comedy shows around the Valley, I found that there is an untapped market of very funny female comedians. People are shocked when I tell them I have 10 female comedians from the Valley on one stage for one night only. Do you know how much Estrogen that is…?

The Divas of Arizona Comedy Showcase will be a night to remember. Featuring an incredible lineup of sexy, funny and talented female comedians infused with a spoken word poet and sexy club spinning female DJ’s. Mark your calendar and come out to laugh on Thursday February 13, at 8pm.

Located in central Phoenix at Seay’s a Chicago style bar and nightclub at 3110 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ. 85012. For a complete list of the performing comedians, host and the headliner get details and tickets for $10 at Eventbee.

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