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Comedy and beer join up for funny festival

Laffenhaus Improv and Beer Festival
Laffenhaus Improv and Beer Festival
Improv Asylum

I dare you to name something not part of a tradition beerfest that would take one to the next level. Give up? Try adding an improv comedy showcase right in the middle. That’s exactly what Improv Asylum has done with their second Annual LAFFENHAUS: an Improv and Beer Festival.

Taking place on Saturday, September 17, starting at 2 p.m. for $40, Laffenhaus is a marriage of beer and comedy. The festival features an hour of beer tastings then an hour of improv comedy followed by another hour of beer tastings.

Narragansett, Sam Adams, Cape Ann Brewing and Mayflower Brewing are all expected to bring offerings to this years Laffenhaus.

“Your not likely to find a show like it anywhere,” said Chet Harding co-founder and co-owner of Improv Asylum.

For Laffenhaus the lounge area of the Improv Asylum Theater gets converted into a tasting area with snaking tables and plenty or opportunity to chat with brewers, which is absolutely encouraged.

Laffenhaus is the brainchild of Improv Asylum General Manager Pablo Rojas. With a respect for good beer and an obvious funny bone, Rojas saw an opportunity to mix the two worlds in a way they never had before.

“I grew up loving beer and my parents taught me to respect it,“ Rojas said. “It’s an event I always wanted to do but it was when I started working [for Improv Asylum] that I realized this was the perfect venue for it.”

The beerfest is also unlike most you will find in Boston as there are no drink tickets.

“[Your $40 event ticket] gets you a 5 oz sampling glass at the door for you to try us much as you want,” Rojas said. “Most people go to a brewfest to get drunk, but here we want you to enjoy the beer. Its all about starting conversation about beer.”

While still in its early years, Harding sees the potential for Laffenhaus to grow into a major event down the road.

“Last year it was a great success,” said Harding. “We had a lot of people come down and check it out.”

“Beer lovers and comedy lovers are some of the most fun people to be around and we had a great crowd last year.” Rojas added.

“Right now its just about spreading the word and informing people,” Harding said. “I think somewhere down the road [Laffenhaus] can evolve in to a couple of shows and more brewers over a couple of days.”

As for the improv show itself, there is no beer theme or particular sketches that will be performed. To keep with the tradition of improv and beer drinking the show for the festival is an all improvised show with suggestions from the audience.

If you’re a fan of good beer or comedy it would behoove you to make a trip to the North End to check out Laffenhaus. Tickets are $40 and to purchase visit or call the ticket office at 617-263-6887.


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