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Comedian Sinbad says his favorite video game is Pong

Recently, actor and comedian Sinbad hosted an AMA ("Ask Me Anything" public event on, offering his fans and other passerby a unique opportunity to pose questions to him in real time. He headed the discussion thread with the phrase,"Ask me any questions and I'll fix your life in 13 seconds."

True to his word, Sinbad's responses were mostly somewhat shorter in length, but offered an honest take on even some potentially tricky questions. Others were fielded more simply, as clever quips; for example, when asked what to do when one spills hot sauce on their shirt, he said to turn to the shirt inside-out.

Then Sinbad was asked, "What's your favorite video game?" His reply: "Pong." He even elaborated: "I have ADHD can't sit long."

Retro gamers can take heart in knowing that the original classics are still appreciated, even by those who have experienced some of the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood lifestyle. Perhaps the appeal of a simple video game really does overcome all boundaries.


Eric Bailey blogs at, where he is reviewing every American-released NES video game. He also serves as Editor-In-Chief of retro gaming features site, and can be followed on Twitter @Nintendo_Legend.

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