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Comedian Rachel Feinstein talks Hip Hop Squares

DJ Ms. Nix breaking out some tunes for the Squares
DJ Ms. Nix breaking out some tunes for the Squares

MTV2 has re-invent the ‘70’s and ‘80’s game show game show staple “Hollywood Squares”, this time with some urban flavor.

Comedian Rachel Feinstein hangs out with rap royalty on "Hip Hop Squares"

“Hip Hop Squares” brings celebrities from music, acting, and comedy together on the same stage to help people win cash and prizes. We talk to comedian Rachel Feinstein about her upcoming appearances on the show.

Feinstein is a veteran comic and was on the season of seven of “Last Comic Standing.” She stated it was a blast to hang out with some of the rap stars on the show.

“Biz Markie let me wear his necklace that he wore that has his face sculpted,” Feinstein recalled. “I would kiss it before I was asked a question.”

Also on the panel was top selling artist Fat Joe. Feinstein decided to pull several fast ones on him during the tapings.

“A local DJ Sights-n-Sounds is friends with Fat Joe and he was telling me these specific things to say to him, sow when I saw Fat Joe I would surprise him. I would go up to him and say like ‘Hey Fat Joe, didn’t you do those vocals on that Diamond D album?’ He would go ‘Wait. How did you know about that?’”

Other panelist included Common, Machine Gun Kelly, and Bam Margera. New York radio show personality Peter Rosenberg hosts the show. Feinstein stated that the set was a non-stop party on and off camera as they shot the episodes.

“(Hanging out with) these rappers I watched my whole life was so fun. I think it was rare that I have had that much fun doing something. It was ridicules. The show was playful and fun.”

“Hip Hop Squares” can be seen on MTV2 (Billings Digital Cable Channel 135), with new episodes every Tuesday.