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Comedian Mo'Nique gets raw in 'Precious' role

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We've seen her in "The Parkers" and "Hair Show," but in her latest role, comedian and actress Mo'Nique is anything but funny.  Mo'Nique is getting rave reviews and Oscar buzz for her role in the Lee Daniel’s film, “Precious,” based on the 1996 novel, “Push” by Sapphire.

In the film, the actress has embraced a darker side, one that is seemingly parallel to her own real life story of abuse.

Mo'Nique recently appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" discussing the film and her intense performance as an abusive mother. When asked by Winfrey what she drew from for the role, the actress explained that her own molestation as a child led to an understanding of her character, Mary Jones. "When he would say 'action,' that's the monster that I became," said the actress.

Mo'Nique has confessed that some of her scenes were so overwhelming for her that she had to walk away. The actress credits Daniels for encouraging her and pushing her to new levels as a person and actor. The actress appeared without make-up and unshaven throughout the film.  But according to Mo'Nique it was worth it.  She told Winfrey that she was empowered by the film because it gave her the opportunity to relive the painful moments from her past and heal.

"I got to get all of it out,” she said. "I no longer want to be considered a victim of molestation.... I want to be considered the victor."

Whether or not Mo'Nique wins an Oscar, it is obvious the actress has gained peace from her own abusive past and with this film has helped shed light on the cruel reality of the poor, underprivileged and often forgotten in America.  Mo'Nique recently debuted a talk show, "The Mo'Nique Show," on BET network.

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Have you seen "Precious"?  Do you plan on watching the film?

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  • Nina Coppola 5 years ago

    Never heard of this woman or the movie, but it sounds like it will be good!