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Comedian David Brenner has died from cancer

This weekend the very popular comedian David Brenner sadly died. Brenner died from cancer at 78 years old, reported People on March 16, 2014. Jeff Abraham, Brenner's friend and publicist, said Brenner had been fighting cancer and died peacefully at his home in New York City with his family by his side.

David Brenner at his best
David Brenner at his best
William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

Brenner was a really hot comedian who appeared often as a guest and substitute host on talk shows and game shows. In 1987 he also hosted his own syndicated talk show for a brief time and he starred in four HBO specials. Brenner's career as a comedian soared after his first appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson in January 1971. Overnight he went from being almost broke to being offered $10,000 a show. Brenner turned out to be a favorite of Carson and appeared more times on his show than any other guest, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Brenner, a native of Philadelphia, appeared on "The Tonight Show" 158 times and guest-hosted the popular NBC late-night show on several other occasions when Carson took time off. He worked hard for a better life after being raised in poor sections of South and West Philadelphia. Brenner spent two years in the Army after high school and then attended Temple University, where his major was in mass communications. Prior to becoming a comedian he wrote, directed or produced 115 TV documentaries, many dealing with the plight of people fighting the horrible pain of poverty. Brenner was a very talented and well liked guy who will be missed.