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Comedian Bob Saget chats with the BCSE about tonight's performance at The Wilbur

The "Full House" Star takes the stage tonight at The Wilbur Theatre
Natalie Brasington

Comedian, actor, and doting dad Bob Saget headlines The Wilbur Theatre tonight, bringing his trademark blue comedy to one of his favorite cities. From directing MGM’s cult favorite feature film Dirty Work to starring on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning “The Drowsy Chaperone,” Bob Saget shows no signs of stopping. Ever. The Full House star, fresh off of an Australian tour, recently released his book, Dirty Daddy, to rave reviews, and recently took the time to chat with the Boston Comedy Scene Examiner about life after Danny Tanner.

BCSE: Now, your comedy, and I mean I’ve just started reading your book – congratulations on its release. I haven’t quite finished it yet, but you’re no stranger to tragedy, and using your art to sort of overcome that.

BS: I am being received well, which makes me really happy, because I spent a year-and-a-half on it, and it’s a hard book - you know, comedy and death, and it kind of is a motivation for it - my standup is, so it gives you kind of a - if people read the book, it’s like, 'Oh, now that makes total sense that he’s doing that on stage. I understand that.' Or, 'That’s a funny new joke,' you know, because it’s just - it’s all how you do what you do to get yourself through life, and that’s where comedy is so important because a lot of great comedians that I look up to do that - when Chris Rock goes out again with his new show, which won’t be long from now. Louis CK is up there, and people that are saying stuff, it just makes you feel, 'This is how they’re dealing with life,' and it’s not just about, you know, celebrity and I’m living some high life. It’s about, 'What do you think about the way our world is right now?'

Even if it’s about just trying to raise your kids, or other comics that write stuff about relationships. Stand-up is just this beautiful form because it has to be current, even if it’s stuff that’s older that’s put into a medley of a show, or whatever people are doing. It makes me really happy to check the temperature on a place, and Boston, I’ve been going there my whole career, so it’s very special to me when I go there. I think I’m on like an every two-year schedule, so I go there and I feel like I go home. Boston, for me, it’s a town meeting when I do a show.

BCSE: That’s awesome.

BS: Yes, it feels good.

BCSE: It’s definitely a good city for comedy. We treat you guys well.

BS: Oh, it’s a miracle city for comedy. You know the laughs are heartfelt and everybody’s on the edge, anyway, because there’s just so much crap going on around everywhere, and you don’t know where it’s going to be next because there’s so many people that somebody should have flagged in preschool.

BCSE: Right, exactly, yes, and I think here in Boston, we - you know, as a comedy critic, I’m always partial to more personal comedy. I think audiences, especially here in Boston, if you’re just up there telling jokes for the sake of telling jokes, we’re going to sort of see through that.

BS: Yes.

BCSE: You know, we like back story. We like our talent to have their own issues that they’re bringing to the table, you know?

BS: Absolutely, that’s where you look at a lot of people, like I mean, look at Dennis Leary, he started that way. It was all through his pain of life. Mine, there’s not a disingenuous moment. I mean, if I go into a new seven-minute riff about things that my dad told me, it’s because my dad, this is what/how he dealt with it. So the humor is funnier because it’s supposed to soothe you, but then, that’s what’s soothing you?! This R-rated thing you shouldn’t be telling to a nine-year-old? I don’t run out of those because as I’m getting older, and I’ve written the book, more things are coming into my brain and I’m going, Oh, my god, this man did this and said this?!'

BCSE: You know, I think what’s wonderful about your career is - I mean, I’ve talked to friends and neighbors of mine who have very young children, and you guys are still - I mean, “Full House” is just as relevant today.

BS: It is actually bigger now than it was when - it’s insane. It’s just crazy.

BCSE: It’s great, though, and when you look at it - I mean, television programming today doesn’t have that, “At the end of the day, here’s a lesson we learned.”

BS: It’s not going to get the syndication play out of it, and it’s not going to have the age. So, I mean, I’ve got four-year-olds that, in twenty-one years, I’ll go make a movie, because I - I mean, I don’t think I’m going to be touring. I mean, I don’t even really tour. I went to Australia because I wanted to go there, so I took some Live Nation dates, and I just came back, I guess, a month ago, and I’m back and if you look at my schedule, it’s like I’m doing a couple of music festivals, because they’re cooler than hell, you know? But you know, I just want to go out before Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar, and I’m alive. You know, don’t put me on after Nine Inch Nails, please. And then I go to theaters that mean something to me, and The Wilbur is one of the best that there is in the country. And then, I think the night after I’m at the Warner Theater in Washington, and so that’s another one that means a lot to me. So, those gigs are just very, very special nights with a place that’s like going on a date with somebody, for me - that’s about all I’m getting, by the way. I live in a world now where it’s like, 'Ah, do you want to go out?' And the audience goes, 'Sure.' I’d see you guys again in about two years, how’s that? How’s your timetable, is that good? So it’s really a real gift to be able to do it, and it becomes kind of a happening, and you know there’s some new stuff I’m always able to incorporate, even with the hardcore fans that have seen a bunch of stuff, but it’s just kind of a perfect situation. I’m going to a perfect place.

Don't miss the legendary Bob Saget tonight at The Wilbur! The fun begins at 7:00 p.m. and tickets are still available at The Wilbur box office. The Wilbur is located in the heart of Boston's historic Theatre District at 246 Tremont Street.

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