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Comedian assaults waitress at Mall of American comedy club

Adam Richmond, who the news in Minneapolis calls a "nationally recognized comedian' is being charged with sexually assaulting a waitress at Rick Bronson's comedy club inside the Mall of America on July 29th of this past summer. Apparently it has been being investigated this whole time and the charges are just now coming about. By sexually assaulting I mean reached up her skirt, wrestled her to the ground, and tried to put his wang in her mouth. Not the best closing joke I've ever heard.

Lot's of people have many views on this surprisingly. You think there would only be one view; that this guy is an ass and obviously has problems and was probably also on some kind of mind altering substance (not an excuse at all, but probably true). Most people seem to be in agreement on that aspect.

What I see people arguing about in long ass threads on the internet are the implications and causes of this. First of all who the hell cares about the causes? Maybe he has a sense of entitlement? Like hey I deserve this I'm funny. Maybe he thought the waitress inviting him back to her place made him think this was a sure thing? Whatever the reason what it comes down to is that he is a perv who was about to rape this girl if she didn't have the good sense to knee him in the crouch a couple times.

Some people think that because comedians make jokes about things like rape that this creates the idea that these things are okay. That is ridiculous. A joke is a joke and people telling them about a certain subject doesn't make people wanna go out and do that thing. You can't blame jokes for peoples actions. The only one responsible for this is Richmond. The reason is he's an animal. I don't know him but don't need to know someone who's excuse for a thing like this is, "I might have been horny, I get excited when I'm drunk." Yeah so does everyone buddy but dicks in the face need an invitation. It's not a show and go up kind of activity (excuse the stand-up puns).

The effects of this act are that it gives comics a bad name. Being a comic you go through a lot of shit, and deal with a lot crap, and people that want to cut you down. Stand-up is an art and doesn't need that kind of stigma. Especially since some of the best people I've ever met are comics. Furthermore one of the first things I learned as a comic is that if you want to be liked well at a comedy club, and work there often you treat the servers with courtesy and generous tipping; a tip as in money and not the tip of your penis.

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