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Comedian Alingon Mitra deserves your vote by 3:00 p.m. today

The clock is ticking as today’s 3:00 p.m. ET deadline to vote for Last Comic Standing’s #ComicComeback is creeping up! Boston’s own Alingon Mitra, winner of the 2013 Boston Comedy Festival and all-around wonderful comedian, is up against Nick Guerra to win the coveted comeback spot on the NBC show.

We’re very sorry, Nick, but we just can’t let that happen.

Aside from being incredibly talented as a stand-up comedian, Alingon Mitra is exactly the kind of person a show like Last Comic Standing needs. After winning the BCF last November, Mitra chose to share his grand prize winnings with The One Fund – as well as every other comedian who competed in the contest. He’s made a name for himself in Boston and beyond as one of the fastest-rising comedians around.

Mitra recently took the time to chat with the Boston Comedy Scene Examiner about his experience on Last Comic Standing, and just how uncomfortable the utterly likable guy is about asking for votes.

BCSE: Tell me a little bit about how you got the opportunity to compete in Last Comic Standing.

AM: The LCS folks called in a couple hundred comedians from around the country for closed auditions this year. In past years, they filmed "open auditions," but even then, the comics who advanced were normally pre-screened for the show. So, they decided to get rid of that illusion this year and just call people in for closed auditions. Of the comedians who auditioned, 100 were chosen for the taped invitational round. I think I was on their radar because I'd won the Boston Comedy Festival and the "Funniest Comic in New England" contest at Mohegan Sun.

BCSE: What was (if any) the most intimidating aspect of the whole process?

AM: I was just blown away by the talent of the comedians they'd invited to audition. There were a lot of comedians who I look up to, people who've had late night spots, Comedy Central specials, etc. I've been doing stand up for about 4 years, and many of the others had at least a dozen years under the belt. I felt like a 4th grader getting to perform with college and Ph.D. students. Honestly, the experience gap was so big, it became more liberating than intimidating -- I felt like I didn't really have a shot to even be on the show, let alone advance, so each performance I did, I was looser than I would have been otherwise.

BCSE: Do they understand just how amazing of a human you are? Not even kidding, I'm referring to your heroism at last year’s Boston Comedy Festival.

AM: Hahaha, I don't think they knew I split the BCF pot with the One Fund and the other 100 comics. Or if they did, they didn't ask me about it. Even if they thought I was a good guy before, they probably forgot all about it once they interviewed my parents, since I pale in comparison to how amazing my parents are. They're so supportive and positive that I think people watching my background package were like, "Well, this kid's fine, but I'm really rooting for his parents to advance."

BCSE: Aside from the obvious (that you deserve it most), why should fans vote for you as the comeback? Any campaign promises?

AM: It's been great getting the support from Boston and the rest of the community. I'm trying to represent a city with a rich tradition of comedy the best that I can. I don't know how to thank people properly for their support, so I made a space on my site where they can message me their info and I'll write a postcard to them with a personalized joke on it - the term joke being used very loosely here.

BCSE: Worst case, you're not voted back: What is next on your radar?

AM: It's definitely an uphill battle to get back onto the finale, so regardless of if I make it or not, I'm still going to keep writing, getting on stage a lot, and trying to produce more material that hopefully comedy fans will enjoy. There are a couple of other things in the pipeline that I can't discuss until they're finalized. But I just taped a set for Adam Devine's House Party. That will air on Comedy Central in the fall, so I'm excited to see that when it comes out.

BCSE: If you could take someone with you if you were voted back, who would it be?

AM: Rafiki, the monkey from The Lion King. He helped Simba's comeback, so he's got useful experience. Honestly I wasn't looking forward to this #ComicComeback contest. Politicians are the guys who say "vote for me," and they're like the natural enemy of the comic. So I was dreading having to do this, but it's genuinely been so uplifting to see people from literally around the world rally to vote for me with their tweets and retweets. It turned out to be a wonderful way to connect with people who enjoy my comedy. The Boston comedy community in particular has been so gung-ho that I just feel very thankful.

Exercise your god-given right to vote by clicking here in what is probably the easiest voting method possible, and help Boston’s Alingon Mitra make his triumphant return to Last Comic Standing! Any Tweet that mentions Mitra’s name (simply, “Alingon”) as well as the hashtag #ComicComeback counts as a vote, so get your thumbs in gear and Tweet away. Voting ends today at 3:00 p.m. ET.

From the Boston Comedy Scene Examiner and the Boston comedy community, we wish Mitra the best of luck!

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