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Come sit by the fire…

Well it seems that we are not clear of the snow and winter storms just yet. We got spoiled there for a bit here in Salt Lake with beautiful no-coat-weather but it was just Mother Nature teasing us again.

South Jordan home. Elegant and refine cast plaster fireplace mantle reminiscent of the french Rococo period.
April Elizabeth, Salt Lake Interior Design Examiner
The fireplace is a focal piont of beauty and warmth
April Elizabeth, Salt Lake Interior Design Examiner

Yet, the moisture is appreciated even though it’s coming in the form of snow and drives us indoors once again.

It is days like today that we wish we could sit in the glow of a warm fireplace with a warm beverage in hand snuggled in a fuzzy blanket.

Chances are that because it is the middle of the work week we are only going to be able to day dream about this, but since we live in a virtual inspired world anyway, we thought we would give you some stunning fireplace eye candy to look at.

We designers are in the business of making the functional look aesthetically pleasing, so with so many types and styles of fireplaces to suite every taste we cannot limit the design options to only a few.

That is why along with our slide show inspiration we have included our pinterest come sit by the fire board with ideas for every taste. It doesn’t matter if your style is contemporary, rustic or traditional. There is a fireplace to reflect your personal style…as well as so many incredible fireplaces that haven’t been designed yet.

So come sit by the fire...

Do enjoy, and stay warm out there folks!

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