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Come On Get Happy - Oprah & Deepak are here to help!

Come on Get Happy - Oprah & Deepak are here to help!
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

If you want to get happy, mark your calendars for 8/11/14.
That's when Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra's next 21 Day Meditation journey, "Expanding Your Happiness," begins. Best of all, it's free.

Each day, Oprah & Deepak will guide you through a 20 minute meditation, centering your mind & helping you to let go of all your stress & worries & draw happiness to you. What a great way to start out the day where you'll be feeling hopeful, inspired, refreshed & centered. I'm addicted. Most of is have it wrong. We feel as though, once we achieve success, we'll be happy. That's actually backwards. Through "Expanding Happiness," we'll all learn that success follows when we can achieve happiness within. Deepak says "If you seek happiness first, you will find yourself achieving success, creating meaningful relationships, making healthy choices & tapping into higher consciousness."

For those who really need to get happy now, and you can't wait until 8/11, you can go out & get Deepak Chopra's latest book, "The Ultimate Happiness Prescription," where he prescribes the natural, non meds way to get happy. Anyone willing to put in the work & reprogram your mind can do it.

"Whatever makes a person happy or sad, research suggests that personal choice is the biggest factor. Which means that your peace is the result of making choices in the past. We have all been conditioned to mistake ingrained beliefs as reality and stubborn habits as the inevitable.

I wanted to expand on the current happiness research and wrote a book, The Ultimate Happiness Prescription, to describe the kinds of choices that bring a new level of happiness, known as bliss or ecstasy. This sort of happiness is permanent, deep and part of your true self. It's the only happiness that no one can take away from you. Once you have explored the choices open to you, you can decide if you want to settle for your current state of peace."

To register go to:

Your inner peace awaits.

"Not only were you born to be happy, but it is your birthright. It’s as simple as that. Join us to spark the bliss, profound peace, and playful exhilaration that is within you!"

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