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Come Have Some Fun In The Sun

Come Have Some Fun In The Sun
Come Have Some Fun In The Sun
Muse Productions

If it's the sun and women you want then come to Florida for spring break. It can be the most enjoyable time of your life. You can party all night and all day. When you run out of money all you have to do is go into a convenience store and ask for it. Just make sure you have your gun ready. If this is the fun you are looking for then by all means you should watch the movie 'Spring Breakers' before you come to Florida. Now if you want to just enjoy some fun then by all means don't do what they do in the movie. Since most of you have been covered by snow all winter then please think of Florida when you want to get away. So all you people who have the time coming up and want to spend some time in the sun, come on down to Florida but don't act like the people in this movie cause we would hate to have to put ya in jail.

'Spring Breakers' - You've made it through the winter. You're sitting in the classroom as the spring comes back to the world. You feel the warmth coming back into your bones and you want to get away. You want to let loose and you want to do it in Florida. You want Spring Break to come. The only problem is that you are broke. For the four young ladies of Harmony Korine's 'Spring Breakers,' the lack of dollars is a no-brainer: simply rob the local restaurant.

Faith (Selena Gomez), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson), and Cotty (Rachel Korine) are the greatest of friends and their way with amorality just made it possible to head to the St. Pete Beaches and Spring Break. They are tired of all the books and tests of college and are going to party and forget all the troubles of growing up. They drink, smoke, and snort their way through the Florida sun. Then, one night the party gets a little too wild and they are arrested.

They spend the night in jail and are arraigned in front of a judge the next day. The guys that the girls are arrested with just happen to work for Alien (James Franco), an up and coming gangster rapper/drug dealer. Now Alien enjoys what he sees in our four lovely young ladies and he bails them out. Our grateful darlings are just a little curious as to what Alien wants in return, but it is Faith who truly becomes frightened and just wants to go home. Alien lets her catch that long ride back, but tells her the other three girls are staying. What's wrong is that the other girls want to stay and they want to make this Spring Break as memorable as possible. Alien brings these three remaining babies back to his crib and opens the flood gates to what they have been craving - "money, drugs, and guns". They are seduced.

The girls soon find out that Alien is at odds with his mentor and the two want to kill each other. War comes between them and the girls are in it all the way. The rest I leave for you to find out when you watch 'Spring Breakers' on DVD or Blu-ray (it's out July 2, 2013).

The movie is filmed in my backyard of St. Petersburg, Florida and the scenery is beautiful. You can see many of our landmarks in the movie. The sunsets are pictured true to there beautiful form and the beach scenes captured expertly.

Is this a Spring Break gone bad? Who's to say? It is an adventure from beginning to end. The movie keeps you involved. It is a must see that I know you will enjoy.