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Come experience Endurance House Atlanta

The doors seem to open wider, but not like you’re walking into a retail shop. Think of a starting line in the open air and Georgia sunshine. Lots of smiles, well wishes, handshakes, back pats, anxious anticipation of good things to come, and a happy feeling that getting to the start line was the toughest part of the battle. Welcome to Endurance House Atlanta!

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Located in the Publix shopping center at 11800 Haynes Bridge Rd in Alpharetta, Endurance House’s newest home is welcoming, inviting, spacious, and graciously comfortable. You can find anything you need to start or continue swimming, running, cycling, or for the very ambitious, combine all three for your Triathlon training.

Endurance House Atlanta is more than just a source of gear, they offer their collective knowledge and expertise in helping you get started in endurance sports, and making sure the gear you buy is the right fit, for the long haul. Whether your race of choice is Sprint, Olympic, Half or Full Ironman distance, you need good fitting gear, not just something that looks pretty.

The Personalized Movement Profile is a 5-step process for helping you select the right shoes for your running race. First you start with a Consultation, where you talk about your running history, injuries, goals or anything else that may affect your stride, gait & needs.

The next step in the process is Movement. You step on to a treadmill and run while your stride & running gait are assessed by one of the knowledgeable staff. There is a large video monitor just ahead so that you can also see and confirm what you are being told about the way you run.

After your quick running assessment, you Learn about your unique movements, what they mean, and how they relate to the shoes you need for your next walk, run, or race.

Next comes the moments you’ve been waiting for, the Fit and the Test Drive. Depending on your unique movements, you will be offered a selection of shoes that would be a good fit for your needs. You try them on, test them out, knowing that your purchase is already a good fit for your body mechanics and running needs.

Now that running is covered, it’s time for a professional Bike Fitting. All too often, people overlook this important component of their endurance sports plan and just opt for a bike that feels right. Imagine pedaling hard for a race over the span of miles and miles on an ill-fitting bike, or with an undiagnosed injury. The bike may have felt good in the store, just sitting on it, but when you factor in past & current injuries, torso-to-inseam ratio, and basic bike geometry, opting for an expertly assessed bike fitting may prove to be your absolute best investment.

Triathlon swimming sometimes requires more than your tried-&-true swim shorts. No matter how well they serve you at the pool, they can cause more problems than they’re worth in a field of aggressive & competitive swimmers. Also, water temperature can make or break your swimming goals. The swim portion of most triathlons takes place in a lake, and the water temperature likely isn’t even close to your training pool.

Endurance House Atlanta also offers a wide range of wetsuits, goggles, and various swim training devices. Maybe you’re just testing the literal waters of triathlon, and not yet sure if the sport is right for you. Wetsuit Rentals are available for a fraction of the cost, and if you decide you want your own full-time wetsuit, the money you spent on rentals can be put towards your purchase.

Still, even with all the products and all the services, it’s easy to forget that Endurance House Atlanta is a retail store. From the comfortable seating area in front of the fireplace where you can watch encouraging endurance sport videos, to the friendly openness of the staff inviting you to share your own stories of triathlon & endurance sport, as well as your goals, training methods and questions, walking inside is an experience you’ve got to try. Chances are, you’ll soon be looking for reasons to go back. Endurance House Atlanta, try it!

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