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Come Celebrate 25 years of Freedom

On November 9, 2014, Berlin will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. A number of special events and exhibitions are planned to honor this major milestone. The focal point will be on the once divided Germany and Berlin, the Cold War, and the peaceful revolution that led to the reunification of East and West.

Trabi Museum in Berlin, Germany
Marcin Szala - Wikimedia Commons
The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989
Lear 21 - Wikimedia Commons

One of the highlights will include illuminated helium-filled balloons stretching over 7 miles along the former inner-city border. Both locals and visitors will have the opportunity to walk along the illuminated path and experience the feeling of the depth and scope that the city’s division went through.

The main purpose of the celebration is to commemorate an event honoring the peaceful revolution that eventually brought down the Berlin Wall. It is to demonstrate as a symbol of hope for a world without walls.

Visitors to Berlin will have many options to experience the history and places in connection to the wall. Visitors will gain an understanding what it meant to the city and the people of Berlin.

Sites and attractions to explore:

Berlin Wall Memorial
The Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall Memorial) is situated along the site of a former border strip. A last piece of the wall is displayed along with some information. A new permanent exhibition will be revealed in a special ceremony on November 9, 2014. The title of the exhibition will be “25 Years Fall of the Wall”. More information can be found at Berlin Wall Memorial

DDR Museum
The DDR Museum is Berlin's interactive museum and one of the most-visited attractions showcasing everyday life behind the Iron Curtain. It provides viaitors with hands-on experience to featured exhibits such as original home furnishings, apparel, an original Erika typewriter and Robotron computer. DDR Museum

Wall Museum
The Wall Museum features a permanent exhibition dating back to 1962 just after the construction of the wall. The museum is housed at Checkpoint Charlie and features the history of the wall from its very beginning. Wall Museum

STASI Museum
Located in house number 1, the museum features original offices of the former headquarters of the Ministry for State Security. STASI Museum

Memorial Berlin Hohenschönhausen
The former Stasi prison known since 1994 as the Hohenschönhausen Memorial is a chilling reminder to the thousands of victims who became prisoners and were persecuted under East German rule. Memorial Hohenschoenhausen

East Side Gallery
The outdoor gallery features the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall. It is 1.3 kilometers in length and is decorated by 118 artists from 21 countries. East Side Gallery

East German Watchtower
Constructed back in 1966, the East German watchtower located near Stresemannstraße on Potsdamer Platz is the only surviving watchtower of its kind. It is one of the last remaining structures made available to the public. The watchtower served as a base for border guards. Visitors can arrange for a tour of the watchtower. The only way to reach the tower is by foot or bicycle. East German Watchtower

Trabi Museum
The museum is dedicated to the Trabant a car produced by the former East German auto maker VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau in Zwickau, Saxony. The exhibit displays 15 models of this strange little East German car. Trabi Museum

Built from 1952 until 1960 during East Berlin's reconstruction period, Karl-Marx-Allee remains to be an interesting and impressive monument to the former Socialist era of the mid to late 20th century. Walking Tour

TV Tower
Each year, over one million tourists come to visit the Television Tower one of Berlin's most visited attractions. The TV tower was constructed in 1968 in the former East Berlin as a symbol of socialist superiority. Today, visitors can enjoy an amazing view of Berlin and surrounding area from the sky cafe atop Germany's highest structure. Berlin TV Tower

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