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Come back to us

Dear Republicans,

I am sorry I called you stupid. You remember, eight years ago when George W. Bush was re-elected by a vote total eerily similar to what President Obama won by last week, I said anyone who would vote for that moron is stupid. I am also sorry I said I was moving to Canada. I am sorry I let myself waste many days wondering how you could have let Bush win. I am sorry I got so upset.

I still think it was a bad decision, just ask the residents of New Orleans. I am sorry because what I said was an overreaction. We survived. Collectively this country has survived much worse and became stronger as a result. So take a deep breath, you will survive Obama.

In the days after the election, I have been reminded of the behavior of me and my friends in 2004. We cried, we screamed, we threatened to leave the country, and now I see the same behavior in you, but only much more vitriolic. Maybe it’s Facebook? We didn’t have that medium to vent on, but I have read your posts, and well, overreaction doesn’t describe your posts. Nuclear meltdown is more appropriate. Calling those of us who voted for President Obama “people who have no faith and morals”, and “sick and Godless”. Even Mitt Romney said we voted for President Obama because we want free stuff. A little harsh, don’t you think? Oh wait, you said those same things when you won in 2004. Back then it was so great that this country was finding God and rewarding individualism and maybe those evil liberals would just leave. Now you hope for an apocalypse in which zombies only eat Democrats.

I spent the week trying to figure you out if you had some valid concerns. I scoured your Facebook pages, news sites, and blogs for information. Unfortunately, what I found is that your concerns aren’t really valid. You’re just sore losers.

You’re posting about socialism, again. President Obama is finally going to bring in that socialism you were all scared of in 2008. He is going to take your guns, too. He is going to kill the recovery and destroy the country. I have read your conspiracy theories about labor statistics and mass layoffs. CEO’s are firing people because Obama won and raising prices on their pizzas to cover Obamacare. Your country is on its way to collapse because an un-American, non-Christian Muslim is in charge; and he won because people want free stuff. Buy gold and home school your children! Residents in all 50 states have even created petitions to secede from the union (because that worked so well the last time).

Somewhere along the line you got it into your heads that it was your way or nothing; anything less means the destruction and collapse of the country. You have created your own reality to support this myopic view. When President Obama won in 2008 and your way of governing was defeated, you decided to fight back by obstructing the legislative process. If your side does not win by fair means with the electorate, just create a new reality in which obstructionism is considered patriotism. Create your own facts. Labor statistics are questionable. Scientific facts are now opinion. You live in a bubble were truth is fiction and up is down. You have an echo chamber of enablers like Fox News, The Drudge Report, Americans for Prosperity, and the Independence Institute feeding you skewed partisan garbage and congratulating you for being smart enough to believe it. You had your own polls telling you the election was going to be a Romney blow out despite what the entire rest of the world said, and you believed it.

As a result of not being able to agree on real facts, we can’t have intelligent conversations with the hope of finding common ground. James Carville said that this election was a wake-up call. “Sometimes in the south people will say, ’In order to get that boy’s attention sometimes you’ve got to hit him upside the head with a 2x4.’ The sound you heard on election night was pine on skull.” The electorate wants a government based on facts that work together and offer compromise to get things done. Your side doesn’t play that way. Pine meet skull.

Come join us in the world of facts where a President who creates jobs isn’t accused of raising unemployment. Where a President who gets a failing grade from the Brady Center isn’t accused of wanting to take away your guns. A true Socialist would have nationalized the auto industry and given us universal health care.

Join us in the real world where the national debt skyrocketed because of Republican policies. Two wars financed on the credit card while giving tax breaks to the wealthy has caused most of our problems in this country. A congressional report has disavowed your chosen form of economic stimulation (tax cuts for the wealthy) but you voted for the same stuff saying it was the only way to save us, and right now Republicans are already blustering about not giving an inch on raising taxes on the wealthy while threatening to take us over the “fiscal cliff” if they don’t get their way.

Please come back to reality where a Christian man who has given his life to public service and is the epitome of the American dream became president by appealing to positive values like hope, inclusion, and the idea that “We pull each other up.”

Listen to the suddenly sane and grownup members of your party. Like Bobby Jindal who said, “We need to trust the intelligence of the American people and we need to stop insulting the intelligence of the voters.” Or Newt Gingrich who has been saying, you don’t call the electorate stupid, you figure out what the voters wanted and where your party failed.

Back in 2004, when I threatened to move to Canada, a very smart man told me a real Democrat would stay and fight. This is your invitation to be real Republicans. Fight for your party. Step outside the bubble to the world of facts. Lose the racist, sexist, homophobic crap and let’s have some grownup conversations about how to fix this mess in which we now find ourselves.

Come back to us. I know you are a lot smarter than your voting record indicates.


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