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Come back

Come back
Come back
Photo courtesy of K.M. Maskell

"Come back to me, with all your heart.
Don't let fear, keep us apart."

Gregory Norbert's familiar hymn, Hosea, has been enjoyed in churches by faithful of all generations. The lyrics, some of which are featured above, are a call for conversion of heart and soul. This conversion is not limited to those who have distanced themselves from the Church because of an unfortunate hurt or a loss of faith; it includes those members of the faithful that have just wandered away.

As "cradle Catholics" we are born into Catholic families, and soon after, our parents seek our Baptism. They work to be good parents and bring us to Mass every Sunday, enroll us in Religious Education, or teach from home, preparing us to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, the most Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. Our parents continue to bring us to Sunday Mass. It is such an ingrained part of our lives, we can think of doing nothing else.

Then, there is a vacation and we miss Sunday Mass. Along comes the weekend everyone had food poisoning and needed to stay home to recover. For some serious reason, the whole family was up really late in to the night, even early morning, and everyone missed the alarm to get up for Mass. Well, it is a Holy Day of Obligation so you will make it to Mass on Christmas with the intention of returning to Mass on Sunday. When Easter comes around the family is camping in the mountains. Soon you realize you are Catholic and you just don't go to Mass anymore. Nothing has really happened to challenge your faith. No one caused any event that pushed you away from the Church. You just don't go to Mass.

It is time to make being Catholic a priority and return to Mass. God is waiting for you and He has all eternity. Do you?

The Columbus Catholic Connection: Are you ready to come back to the Church but don't know exactly how to begin? Catholics Come Home can help.