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Comcast fined for lack of stand alone Internet

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Moving in Milwaukee will usually net you a deluge of offers for cable and broadband bundles from AT&T and Time Warner Cable. However, what if you don't want your TV phone and Internet bundled together? That seems to be a big problem for Comcast customers, who were overcharged for standalone internet service. The case went to the FCC, as Comcast was ordered to provide this service as part of their acquisition of NBC/Universal. The FCC has fined Comcast nearly a million dollars for their noncompliance.

This is why telco regulation in the US is so difficult, they often just ignore any provisions issued in regulation. As Giga OM reports the exact wording of the agreement was that Comcast was supposed to provide a broadband service of no less than 6 Mbps for less than $49.95 for a three year period. It seems pretty straight forward, but Comcast disagreed. Even after the settlement, Comcast released a statement that they had been trying to comply, and they continue to work with the FCC to provide this service.

Whatever comes of this, Comcast and the FCC aren't done battling each other. The long battle of Net Neutrality and trying to get affordable service is going to be central in the debate over telco regulation in the US.