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Comcast customer badgered by customer service rep when cancelling service

A man’s nightmare in dealing with a Comcast customer service representative has gone viral. Quite incredibly, a recording of a horrific conversation in which a Comcast customer attempted to cancel his service with the internet and cable television provider shows how the representative absolutely refused to cancel the man’s account without badgering him repeatedly. The representative continually insisted that the man give him a reason why he was cancelling the account with Comcast, according to Time on Wednesday.

Comcast customer badgered by customer service rep when he tries to cancel service

Finding the incident with the customer service representative totally inexcusable, Ryan Block – who is a former tech editor – posted 8 minutes of his conversation over the phone online. His conversation was with a Comcast customer retention specialist who was desperate in trying to keep Block as a customer. The horrendous customer service representative's completely overaggressive behavior has stunned persons who have listened to the exchange.

Refusing to cancel Block’s account for a lengthy part of the phone call that was captured in a recording, the representative continually asked the same type of questions over and over again to the point of making one nauseous. The unnamed overzealous representative arrogantly asked Block why he didn’t want something that works – implying that Comcast is an internet and cable network provider that works. He also said to Block, “So, you’re not interested in the fastest internet in the country?”

The rep told Block that he thought it was really a shame to see him go to another internet provider. After all, according to the rep, he would be going to something that can’t give him what Comcast can. When Block wouldn’t back down and change his mind about cancelling the service, the rep would stop badgering the customer and insisted on knowing what it is about the other internet provider that makes him want to leave Comcast.

While it is difficult to understand why Block didn’t insist on speaking to the representative’s superiors, just hang up the phone, or lose his temper, Block maintained complete composure regarding the incredibly bad customer service incident. Block simply repeatedly asked, in a calm manner, that he would decline to give a reason why he was cancelling the service – and asked the representative to please go on to the next question in the cancellation process. The representative wouldn’t move on and insisted on knowing why Block was cancelling his service, according to CNN.

Block says that the viral recording of the exchange with Comcast is only about 10 minutes of a much longer conversation – as he did not record it from the beginning. Logically, at the beginning of the call, he had no idea of knowing his conversation was going to develop into such a problem for him. Yet, Block admits that by the end of the lengthy call, his Comcast service was finally disconnected.

Tom Karinshak, Comcast’s senior vice president of customer experience released a statement. He admits that Comcast is very embarrassed by the way the employee spoke with Block. He said that Block will receive a personal apology. Kainshak denies that customer service representatives are trained to deal with customers in the unacceptable way that Block was treated. Just the notion that the company has people with titles "customer retention specialist" suggests that Comcast does try to block customers from trying to cancel their service. No word on whether this employee gets a commission for retaining a customer, either.

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