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Comcast Business releases first dual-band Business Wireless Gateway

Comcast Business has launched the first wireless gateway service with two Wi-Fi signals from a single modem. Created exclusively for the business environment, the Business Wireless Gateway allows businesses to direct one secure wireless signal for internal purposes and the other for customers to enjoy.

The private back-office Wi-Fi is included with most Comcast Business Internet tiers and is entirely separate from the public network, preventing patron disruption. The Wi-Fi speed is robust enough to cater to multiple devices.

Businesses that subscribe to Comcast Business Internet service receive two login credentials that unlock millions of nationwide Xfinity WiFi hotspots which can be found on the locator map.

The public Wi-Fi signal on the Business Wireless Gateway is also added to the Xfinity WiFi locator map, turning a business into a destination and helping attract repeat customers, and according to Allion USA, Xfinity WiFi is the fastest Wi-Fi in the nation.

Bredin Research recently found through a national small business survey that free Wi-Fi at a business is preferred by customers over other convenience items such as refreshments, magazines and community bulletin boards.

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