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COMCAST BUSINESS: Protecting Your Business from Harmful Cyber Attacks

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Business in the 21st century has evolved from what our fathers and grandfathers knew. With the advancements of the digital age that allows businesses to more effectively do business, today’s business owner must also be aware and protected against the widespread danger of cyber attacks.

In recent news, even the most widely known companies like Kickstarter, Snapchat, Skype and Target have all experienced cyber attacks in which customers’ personal information was breached. Comcast’s team of engineers and web developers work hard every day to provide the most reliable security system for your business. Norton Internet Security for Comcast Business delivers the most effective security tools for preventing spam, hacking, theft and fraud. Some of the included features on Norton Internet Security are:

• Blocking phishing websites
• Stopping threats at the entry point
• Authenticating trusted sites
• Finding and fixing issues that can slow down a computer
• Cell Backhaul

Comcast also provides the options of Core Protection, Identity Protection, and Advanced Protection for even more safeguarding against cyber attacks. Norton Internet Security service includes licenses for up to 3 computers with more available for purchase. As the digital age continues to welcome innovations for effectively doing business, cyber attacks become even more of a threat. Learn more about Norton Internet Security and Comcast Business Internet by visiting