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Comcast Business Soars into ‘the Cloud’

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What’s the cloud? Where is the cloud? Are we in the cloud now? Take a breather; the cloud is just another word for the Internet and a huge step into the future for business productivity.

Business owners are now floating on cloud nine knowing their future expansion plans are promising with the help from Comcast Business. With high-speed Internet and cloud-based voice services, Comcast Business turns dreamlike plans into a reality allowing businesses to expand while remaining connected with modern communication technology.

Elder Construction, a family-owned commercial general contracting company, just laid its foundation for future expansion with Comcast Business. With new offices opening and an enormous amount of data and applications housed in the cloud, Elder Construction owners now have a peace of mind knowing their business can operate in multiple areas with reliable connection to the internet and their data with Comcast Business.

Don’t let the dark clouds on the horizon deter you from growing your business. The security blanket of Business VoiceEdge, a cloud-based, unified communications service, provides users with a consistent telephone experience across multiple offices with innovative features to help boost productivity, such as a mobile app and voicemails that can be emailed to a user.

It’s time to soar through the clouds with up to 150 Mbps connection speeds with Comcast’s Business Internet where access to the Internet, data and applications is fast and accessible.

A cloud is no longer just a shape-shifter or a metaphor. With mobility features and call management being a huge part of a company’s success, Comcast Business is built for business with users experiencing the firsthand power of cloud-based services with Business VoiceEdge and Business Internet.

To learn more about Comcast Business, go to or call 866-429-3085.