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Combining the secular and the sacred

All too often we compartmentalize our lives in to the “secular” and the “sacred.” One set of values is adhered to Monday through Saturday, but an entirely different set of values is adhered to on Sunday. This breaking apart creates an inconsistency in our lives. Our direction shifts based on the audience around us.

Notice what the Bible says:

Proverbs 16:3 (NASB)

Commit your works to the LORD, And your plans will be established.

Instead of creating separate compartments for the secular and sacred, these two things really need to part of the same flow. If you are wanting to be successful in your business pursuits, who better to guide you than the very God who created you and knows the course of your life. Wouldn't it be much more beneficial to allow the Maker of Heaven and Earth to open the doors of opportunity before you? Wouldn't you much prefer the One who knows the heart of very man, to make the introductions to those who are mean to help you achieve your full potential.

It is imperative that each day you talk to God, not only about the things that are broken in your life, but also allow Him to give you direction in the pursuits of your life. Let Him direct you in how your time is managed, who you are going to call next and even what to say during that phone call. God is interested in seeing His purposes accomplished through your life. This means that He is even more concerned with our well being than you are.

Today I encourage you to take a few minutes and consult with the One who knows the number of your days. Take notes and chart a course of action as He shares the plans He has for you.



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