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Combining customer service with education is a driving force for Saley Tahirou

Saley Tahirou hosts a Customer Service Expert Lecture on January 4, 2013
Saley Tahirou hosts a Customer Service Expert Lecture on January 4, 2013
Photo by Professor Metze

Combining small business customer service and education has been the driving force in Saley Tahirou’s life. On Saturday January 4, 2014, Tahirou hosted a Customer Service Seminar with the present writer as the Customer Service Expert and presenter.

Tahirou currently serves at the General Manager of Burger King Crofton and his efforts to educate and train his employees in the best customer service methods has made him a major success with his customers and his employees. The presentation today was part of a training program that Tahirou has made customer service the number one concern.

“What is the real difference between Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Hardee’s,” he asked rhetorically. It is customer service. And although McDonald’s is the world’s largest hamburger chain, Saley believes that great customer service to the customers keeps him competing with a giant. “If we offer superior customer service our customers will keep coming back.

Saley does practice what he preaches to his employees. “I am a long time customer here. Saley always provides excellent customer service and he has my normal Saturday meal ready and waiting for me when I arrive,” the Pentagon employee said. Saley said many of his customers show their loyalty by returning again and again.

“You know you are providing good customer service when your customers return to you. If you are losing customers there is something wrong with your customer service. You must treat people right to keep them,” he said. Saley continues to provide the same great customer service. “Being rich is nothing without helping people,” Saley said. In the end, customer service is about helping people.

Saley Tahirou is the GM at the Burger King located at 2217 Defense Highway in Crofton, Maryland. Burger King is part of a nationally and internationally recognized organization and operates in over 13,000 locations and serves 11 million customers daily in 89 countries and territories worldwide. Like Saley’s BK about 99 percent of all Burger King Restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees. Many are family owned small businesses.

The present writer provides education and serves as a Customer Service Expert and consultant to many small business owners. Stay tuned to for more information on improving customer service in 2014.

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