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Combat summer brain drain with these educational games

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Cristine Struble

During summer vacation, kids want to play, have fun and forget about school work. Unfortunately, all the time off can lead to summer brain drain. Making kids sit and complete worksheets can be tedious. Luckily, many toys can provide educational fun without conjuring up boring school work.

Games that fight summer brain drain
Cristine Struble

Here are a few suggestions to keep kids engaged and sneak a little learning into the fun.

Word Search

The classic game of finding words in a sea of letters has a new twist. Played on an uniquely circular board, the game rotates throughout the game. As a player marks the selected word with colored tiles, the board rotates to the next player. Mark a word or remove a word found by your opponent, the fast paced game will keep you occupied for hours.The game includes 20 different word search puzzles. It is intended for ages 7 and up and requires 2 to 4 players.

Microbes Attack

Germs are everywhere. These shifting shape microbes are ultimate brain teasers. From the inventor of KanoodleTM, the brain teaser can shift from easy to more difficult. The goal is to keep all the microbes in the petri dish. With 100 different puzzles, kids and parents will have days and hours of mind challenging fun. Microbes Attack retails for approximately $14.95.

Hot Wheels Track Builder

The classic cars zooming down tracks can be a great learning tool over the summer. The Hot Wheels Track Builder is a fun toy that can promote learning too. Kids can build the track of their imagination with this toy. But, will that track race a car faster or slower? Will a turn create speed? Do drops make a difference in the pace? All these questions can be related to gravity, physics and other science related topics. The kids won't fight the learning when they are having such fun. The Hot Wheels Track Builder retails for approximately $24.99.

Road Trip

Spending hours driving to the vacation destination could make a parent shake with fear. In the game, Road Trip players make traveling along a destination an entertaining and educational journey. The premise of the game is to answer the questions along the journey. From naming cities that begin with P to m Road Trip can make the longest journey fly by. Road Trip retails for $24.99.

Thames & Kosmos science kits

Science can fun and less intimidating when it turns into play time. Thames and Kosmos is the leader in science based toys and experiments that kids want to play. The Volcano kit allows kids to build and erupt a model volcano. Like real volcanoes, it can erupt multiple times while building a lava layer. Kids learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and more. Another fun kit is the Bubble kit, where kids can create various bubbles. After making the ultimate bubble solution, create bubble shapes, learn tricks. The fun and learning will last long after the "pop."

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