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Colusa Sacramento Area Hiking

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The Colusa Sacramento River State Recreation area is an amazing hiking experience. The hiking trail is about 1 miles round trip. However the hiking experience can be extended by hiking along the levee which can add 3-6 miles along the levee. The hiking trail also has spots for you to stop and fish. The hiking trail takes you along the western area of the Sacramento River. One of the most amazing things about the hiking trail is that the area was a dump in the past. The dump was filled, graded, restored and is now a hiking trail and recreational park. The hiking trail also takes you by views of vineyards and orchards. Some of the amazing things about the hiking trail are that the views change constantly and the crops vary constantly. The hiking trail is lines by cottonwood trees, willows, wild grapes, figs, rice fields and more.

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As you are hiking remember to bring extra socks and shows. The area is very wet. When the flood season comes it brings silt. As you are hiking you may pass areas that are covered in mud. The hiking path, picnic grounds, and even boat ramps can be covered in mud so deep that you can sink into the mud as you are hiking.

As you are hiking you will pass some rivers and sandy beaches. You can even go swimming in the summer. However the water is very very cold even in the summer so some may not want to go swimming here. Additionally as you are hiking you will pass through an old campground and can see some views of remnants of the campgrounds. Additionally as you are hiking you will go up a levee. The levee will bring you past a city park and give amazing views of Colusa. The hiking path also gives you some amazing views of Victorian homes in addition to other historical buildings.

You can reach this hiking path by heading north on Highway 99. Continue and split off to Interstate 5 near Williams. You will continue about 60 miles north of Sacramento and then you exit on Highway 20. You continue to drive about 9 miles east to Colusa. You continue around the curve and go down 10th Street. The trail begins near the gate at the farthest side of the park. Please be aware there may be a fee to enter into the park.