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Columbus woman files complaint after police shoot and kill dog

Nala, shot and killed by Columbus, Ohio police
Nala, shot and killed by Columbus, Ohio police

A recent Ohio State graduate has filed a complaint against the police department responsible for killing her dog, WBNS10 News reported May 22.

Cartier Townsend, 21, has filed a complaint against Columbus Police, saying officers wrongly shot and killed her Lab/pit bull mix Nala.

It all began when police showed up at Cartier's door with an arrest warrant against her boyfriend for criminal domestic violence. Now she wishes she'd never called the law in on their personal problems.

When police arrived, Cartier opened the door just a crack to see who was there. Cartier claims officers told her to put her Nala away or they'd shoot her. Columbus police have verified that officers told her to secure her animal.

Despite putting Nala in a cage, the dog escaped. Cartier begged police not to shoot her, and assured the officers Nala wasn't going to bite.

A police spokesperson said the officers felt threatened, then deployed a taser, then shot the dog when the dog ran toward them growling.

Neighbors said the noise coming from the home woke them up. Neighbor Jim McNutt told WBNS10 News

"One of them said that he was going to kill that ***** dog."

Another neighbor, Katie Knotts added

"We're going to break down your f'n door. Control your f'n dog."

Cartier believes the situation could have been prevented, had officers given her the opportunity to take Nala safely to another room. Instead, police killed the dog and arrested the boyfriend.

An internal investigation is being conducted, which is protocol anytime an officer fires their weapon. A separate review is being done since Cartier filed her complaint.

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