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Columbus' top 10 places to work out

Looking for a workout home, right here in Columbus? Well, you found the right place to look. In just a few moments, you will learn information about the top ten places in Columbus that comes highly recommended by These organizations are fitness and nutrition centers, recreational centers, and other health related organizations. The number one fitness center in Columbus is World Gym Fitness & Nutrition, with the YMCA on 65 S. 4th Street, being number 10. The list is outlined below to give you options and variations in workout plans and facilities.

You have options to where you workout
Mike Czopor
  1. World Gym Fitness & Nutrition
  2. Lifestyle Family Fitness
  3. Life Spa
  4. Metro Fitness Central
  5. Power Shack Gym Fitness Center
  6. World Gym Fitness Center
  7. Curves
  8. YMCA
  9. JCC of Greater Columbus
  10. YMCA

These fitness facilities offer classes conducive to strength training, endurance options, cardio activities, and many other fitness options. Classes are being conducted by fitness instructors who challenge individuals to go above and beyond their normal daily activity levels. These same instructors are empowering students to complete the same fitness regimen at home and in the company of family and friends.

If you are a person who makes decisions based on the rankings of facilities, then you would find very beneficial.


  • Takiyah 5 years ago

    I love LifeStyle Family Fitness. They are kid friendly (although I don't have any). The group fitness classes are great. I love Latin Fusion and Body Pump. They are so fun! I also love that I can monitor my progress including blood pressure and BMI. Love it love it love it!

  • Melica 5 years ago

    Takiyah, this is great news. I am happy that you are satisfied with your experience with Lifestyle Family Fitness, who ranks number two of being the best workout facility in Columbus, Ohio. Stay motivated.

  • Stephanie 5 years ago

    VERY informative article. Much better than trying to find this information on your own. I like how it is all in one place. I will definitly have to check out LifeStyle Family Fitness, those classes sound great.

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