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Columbus State's Early Childhood Development and Education programs

I decided to write this article because I have an experience to share. For the last couple of years I have attended the Columbus State Community College (CSCC) in Columbus, Ohio. One of the programs I enrolled in was the Early Childhood Development and Education program (ECDE); specifically, the Basic Early Childhood Administrator’s certificate program. You see, my goal is to eventually own and operate a childcare center. Columbus State’s ECDE program has given me some knowledge and tools to assist me in this quest.

The Early Childhood Development and Education program has a rich history that has been the cornerstone of success for many graduates of the program. For specific information concerning the history, browse the website at:

Aside from the Administrator’s certificate, the ECDE department offers an Infant/Toddler Education certificate and an Associate of Applied Science degree. Achievement of any of these programs in Columbus State’s ECDE program is no “walk on the beach” as the saying goes. Besides coursework, there are “Practicum Experiences”. Students are given an opportunity put their coursework into real experiences in various childcare centers in the city. When a student leaves Columbus State, centers across the city recognize the quality of teaching and training that CSCC’s graduates bring to the workforce.

This level of excellence is due to a staff of instructors who, not only have exceptional educational backgrounds, but who bring years of field experience to the classroom, thereby enhancing the student’s educational experiences.

The program coordinator is currently Charvella McKaye. She is also a part of the teaching staff. I had the privilege of being a student of Ms. McKaye. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and value everything that I learned from her. I have also had the pleasure of being taught by Karen Crockett, Melanie Adams, Patricia May-Woods, and Lynn Gallaugher. All my instructors were inspirational and motivational.

Christine Creagh is also a teacher in the program. I did not have Christine as an instructor, but her reputation precedes her. One of her students in a recent interview, said “I really appreciate Christine’s feedback. It is constructive, and she gives a lot of ideas and support for what we’re trying to do. I always look forward to her comments. She makes me feel that she wants to see me succeed.”

The Practicum placements are all coordinated by Angie May-Brewer. She is also an excellent teacher.

The ECDE department also has a Resource Lab for students to create materials for their classes and practicum experiences. The lab is coordinated my Ms. Stacey Raymond. She is pleasant, kind, educated, and experienced in the field. Her assistant, Ms. Peggy Lucas, is exceptionally helpful to students who utilize the lab. She also brings years of experience in the field and educational achievements to the department. Then, of course, there is my advisor, Ms. Li Yang, who is so diligent in keeping up with our coursework, audits, and schedules to assist us in graduating on time. Some of the other instructors serve as advisors as well. They all work together as a team to assure the students achieve their educational goals. All of the staff that I’ve named in this article are among the best in the State of Ohio.

But this staff is special to me because they have proven to us students that they care about us beyond our graduation from Columbus State. This was evident in an event they hosted on Thursday, March 27th, 2014, in the Columbus State Workforce Development building. The event was an Information Fair that connected ECDE students with various colleges offering more advanced educational opportunities for ECDE graduates. I met college advisors who took time to talk with me about their Bachelor and Master Degree programs. I also had an opportunity to meet agency representatives from:

• Action for Children –
• The Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral Association (OCCRA) – Http://
• The Ohio Professional Development Network (OPDN) –
• T.E.A.C.H. Ohio -
• Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children –
Ms. Angie May-Brewer was there to represent OAEYC.

The event was indeed an astounding success. I look forward to another event from Columbus State’s ECDE department.

If anyone is interested in the field of Early Childhood Development and Education, I highly recommend the Columbus State Community College. You may contact Charvella McKaye at

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