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Columbus ranks number 66 out of 100 in the evaluation of the heaviest cities in the nation

Photo by Melica Hampton 
Columbus received a C+, which placed the city in between being one of the heaviest cities and being one of the leanest cities. MSN’s weight loss article explains the results and how they were calculated. The results were based on the percentage of individuals overweight, with type 2 diabetes, had not left the couch in a month, spent money on junk food, and ate fast food nine or more times in a month.    

Photo by Melica Hampton 

Ohio should be proud to know that Cincinnati, Ohio was ranked number 8 in being one of the leanest cities in America. The ranking of Cincinnati placed the city in the grade category of receiving an A-. Residents of Ohio should also know that other cities in Ohio have received favorable rankings for being lean cities. One city in particular is Cleveland, Ohio.  Cleveland ranked number 77, which gave it a grade letter B. Toledo, Ohio should continue to take strides and suggestions from other cities in Ohio to continue the quest toward healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.  

Photo by Melica Hampton
Corpus Christi, Texas takes the number one spot in being the heaviest city in America. Corpus Christi’s position places it above cities such as Charleston, West Virginia; Memphis, Tennessee; Kansas City, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland, Birmingham Alabama; and other Texas cities. Cities in Texas hold five positions within the top ten heaviest cities in the nation. 
The Biggest Loser has decided to help Texas shed its pounds and move in the direction becoming a lean city.

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  • gretchenaki 5 years ago

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  • TABN 5 years ago

    Good Article!

  • BTezeno 5 years ago

    who is in the #1 spot for fit? Cali or Florida???

  • Melica H. 5 years ago

    BTenzo, San Francisco is in the number one top leanest city in the country. Oakland receives a B+ and San Jose receives a B.

    Florida trails Cali, receving its highest score of a C+ for the city of St. Petersburg.

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