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Columbus news roundup: Not guilty, no blood in the print

Not guilty, no blood in the print

Derris Lewis spent nearly a year and a half in jail and endured a trial for allegedly killing his 17-year-old twin brother, Dennis.

Turns out the key evidence--a bloody palm print-wasn't bloody at at all and Derris had nothing to do with his brother's slaying. So yesterday Derris was released fropm jail, charges were dropped and it was revealed that there are no suspects in the crime.

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Is Mayor Coleman the King of Columbus?

Columbus just passed a tax increase in the middle of a nationwide recession and the Mayor has no real opposition to much of anything. Is he our king?

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Suspicious Fire Destroys Home Days After Murder-Suicide

Earlier this week, Grant Barnhart, 28, killed his 19-year-old wife Eva and then killed himself. Last night, the home they shared burned down in a suspicious fire.

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Man critically injured after wheelchair hit by pizza car

A man in in a wheelchair tried crossing Refugee Rd.--not in the cross walk--was hit by a pizza-delivery driver.

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