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Columbus may be the home to the next big craze in weight loss

Manufacturer of new weight-loss technology is moving to Columbus
Manufacturer of new weight-loss technology is moving to Columbus
colros, flickr

Columbus will soon be the home to Endosphere, a company that has, until now, been based in California. Taking advantage of incentives to bring companies to central Ohio, Endosphere will be seeking funds to launch a series of clinical trials on its new weight-loss technology.

Endosphere’s new product, called the SatisSphere, can be placed and removed without an incision or sutures, providing a reduced risk to patients. The device is implanted with an endoscope and settles against the duodenum, at the beginning of the small intestine, “like setting a cup of coffee on a saucer,” according to EndoSphere’s CEO Jim McKinley.

Once in place, the SatisSphere works by slowing the rate at which food passes through the duodenum. This fools the body into thinking that it has eaten more food than it has.

Limited human trials have been performed at this time, and the company plans to work with European doctors in order to gain more potential test subjects. The company hopes to get clearance to sell the device in the European market by 2012, then it will work on getting the approvals from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to offer the device to American patients.