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Columbus listed as among best places to find work

In the middle of a downturning economy and high national unemployment rates, Columbus was listed as one of  America’s Best Place to find a Job in 2009 by US News and World Report.

Central Ohio remains stable and has showed growth in their employment sector. This in turn has kept the real estate market stable with incremental growth over the last few months.

Below is the citation from the article written by Liz Wolgemuth.

“While some are a bit hesitant to praise their local economy 20 months into a recession, Bill LaFayette, vice president of economic analysis for the Columbus Chamber, has seen the local data and the national averages, and he knows one thing is certain: "We're doing a whole lot better than average," LaFayette says. For one thing, Ohio's capital city is smack in the middle of the state - and pretty central for much of the country - and it boasts a strong transportation and distribution industry. Columbus's distribution employment has grown by a third since 2001, while the rest of the nation, on average, is down.

"You can, however, thank the city's diverse economy for much of its resilience. Healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and even the tech industry contribute plenty of jobs. Some of the city's major employers include Ohio State University, OhioHealth, Nationwide Insurance, JPMorgan Chase, Bob Evans, and Limited Brands. Employment in information technology occupations is significantly higher than in comparably sized regions because "so many of our sectors are voracious consumers of data" and need top-notch IT infrastructure, LaFayette says.”