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Columbus Goes Cyberpunk With "Tetsuo III: The Bullet Man"

Poster for the upcoming Shinya Tsukamoto film
Poster for the upcoming Shinya Tsukamoto film
Shinya Tsukamoto

Hello, Ohio Horror Heathens! “Tetsuo III: The Bullet Man”, the long awaited third installment in Shinya Tsukamoto’s cyberpunk series, is coming to the Grandview Theatre in downtown Columbus starting February 11.

The film revolves around an American named Anthony who is living and working in Tokyo and married to a Japanese woman. When their son is killed by the same driver who created the Tetsuo’s in previous films, he makes the transformation into Tetsuo.

The first installment, the cult favorite “Tetsuo: The Iron Man” was released in 1989 and the sequel “Tetsuo II: Body Hammer” followed in 1992. “Tetsuo III: The Bullet Man” is a new original story (“Tetsuo II: Body Hammer" was more of a re-imagining in the vein of “Evil Dead 2”) and is the first English language installment in the series.

Keep an eye out for my review of the film and news of any other horror gems that will be coming to Buckeye land anytime soon.