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Columbus bans texting while driving.


  • Jamie Fellrath 6 years ago

    I think this article is missing the point on who is at risk when people drive distractedly - it's not just the drivers, it's everyone around them. Not everyone on the road is in a car - there are cyclists, motorcyclists, scooter riders, all vehicles that are small and easier to miss. And if motorists aren't watching the road dutifully, they can miss those more vulnerable road users as they bob their heads up and down between their PDAs and the road. Motorists, as the operators of what are basically weapons when compared to these other road users, have the responsibility to be paying attention and to see these other road users. What's just a little fender bender to a couple of motorists becomes deadly when it's even a slight collision between a car and a motorcycle or bike. That isn't to say that other road users don't bear responsibility too, but the roads are not and have never been just for cars. They're for people - people who have the right to operate any vehicle they wish.

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