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Columbus bans texting while driving.

Commercials running over the past few weeks have claimed that texting and driving is the number one killer of people on the roads today, its not. In these commercials young people who haven’t been driving for long, making them inexperienced, are texting or reading texts when they are killed or maimed. How many of those commercials are real people? But the kicker is that At&t sponsored them.

Columbus is now the largest city in Ohio to ban texting while driving or operating and vehicle, the ban also covers surfing the web. Officers can fine you up to $150 if you are caught texting and driving. The ban also stops people from using their phones for texting while at red lights or stop signs.

Two ways police will be able to see you are texting or surfing while driving is if youa re swerving, which can bring its own penalties. If you happen to have your phone high enough in the car and the officer can see you typing away.

It has been suggested that phones be equipped with sensors that would render them useless while the car is moving but still allow you to make emergency calls. The downside is that you cant do anything with the phone, no directions of updates of any kind. Our phones are no longer just phones, they are smart and information sources we use on an hourly basis.

Your phone doesn’t control you, you can control your phone. Being a good driver is not being able to multi task while driving, Its being able to understand the importance of picking when do to things. When you have to look at your phone for directions, or to call home. To inform a friend to be ready for pick up.

Automakers have been trying to answer stronger full cell phone bans in other states with text to voice, and full voice control of phones or other information sources. But most of the time the technology is lacking and still takes alot of user interaction to make it work properly. 

Why cant the law state that if you wreck because you are using your phone, you can get charged more, why ban it all together? Why did one or a couple bad drivers ruin the rest of our lives?


  • Jamie Fellrath 5 years ago

    I think this article is missing the point on who is at risk when people drive distractedly - it's not just the drivers, it's everyone around them. Not everyone on the road is in a car - there are cyclists, motorcyclists, scooter riders, all vehicles that are small and easier to miss. And if motorists aren't watching the road dutifully, they can miss those more vulnerable road users as they bob their heads up and down between their PDAs and the road. Motorists, as the operators of what are basically weapons when compared to these other road users, have the responsibility to be paying attention and to see these other road users. What's just a little fender bender to a couple of motorists becomes deadly when it's even a slight collision between a car and a motorcycle or bike. That isn't to say that other road users don't bear responsibility too, but the roads are not and have never been just for cars. They're for people - people who have the right to operate any vehicle they wish.

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