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Columbus 6th Best Housing Market

The economy has tanked.  The housing crisis has hit.  Despite these depressing headlines Columbus has been listed for the second year in a row as one of America's Best Housing Markets by  In the February 22 article published by several cities were profiled as being strong and growing in spite of national negativity.  Using the Housing Opportunity Index and a number of other labor and industry statistics came up with a list of the 10 best markets.  Columbus was number 6 beating out larger cities for the top spot.

"Job-rich suburbs surround the city and 87% of middle-income families can afford a home." (Francesca Levy,  Columbus also has a very low foreclosure rate at 2.29%.  The low foreclosures keep prices stable.  Columbus also boast an affordable median home value of $146,000, very affordable for middle income families.

The Columbus Board of Realtors reports a 6.2% growth in average sale price among the active listings.  With all this good news Columbus residents are poised to weather this storm just fine.


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