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Columbian, Acapulco Gold, Kona, and Thai Stick

Not to mention: Afghanistan, and Cambodian (the old Skunk stuff!)

Missing the good ole' Brown Weed

Thai Stick

Medical Marijuana is a whole different beast. It's stronger, a lot more potent and pungent, it's for people with medical needs! Cancer patients, Aids patients, people who are suffering, and have trouble eating or tolerating traditional medicines; it's not the recreational buzz of the 60's and 70's and 80's! It's a shame the old stuff has disappeared. It was more aromatic, and a better smoke. It made you laugh and giggle, and want to sort buttons! You got up and did stuff; instead of melting into the couch, getting dizzy, or vomiting.

Since cloning is a big deal now, and common practice, it may be unclear where the original strains came from; at least without DNA or testing. A good bunch of seeds came home from Vietnam, thus the Cambodian strain; that smelled exactly like a Skunk had been run over, it was sticky and bright green, and difficult to burn (even dry). Most of our foreign Wars have probably brought a new strain of Cannabis to our shores. Afghanistan for example, "I got some Afgannie", referred to Afghanistan weed; but it's been a long time since any of those terms were used. Now it's Pineapple Express, and Bubble Gum, and White Widow, Sour Diesel...and any other juvenile name they can dream up.

There's controversy about the chemicals being used to increase the potency and yield of Medical Marijuana; whether or not the chemicals have been leached or purged from the plant before harvesting. Have you had a bad experience with Medical Marijuana? If you have a sensitive Liver, maybe you have vomited after smoking a certain variety? That's not a preferred side effect; toxins causing your Liver to expel the culprit!

All the controversy and hype about marijuana has failed to produce an appropriate answer.

It's not a gateway drug!

​It doesn't need to be 'chemical-ed' and processed into hallucinogenic, Liver damaging, side effect wielding poison; leave that to the Pharmaceutical companies. They do it so well!

So now kids are smoking and selling Cancer Patient grade Medical Marijuana, and as you walk through grocery stores and malls...even Home can smell the scent of Medical Marijuana wafting from various shoppers. Did you ever think it would go this route?

Ahhh, to smell some rich and aromatic Colombian! The taste of the old Afgannie! The distinct flavors of Kona Bud and Thai Stick.

Ahhhh, the good old days.

Watch a Cheech and Chong movie, and remember how it was.

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