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Columbia, Maryland mall shooting: 3 dead

Columbia, Maryland Mall shooting
Columbia, Maryland Mall shooting
Chicago Magazine

A mall shooting in Columbia, Maryland has left three persons dead on Saturday morning, according to a CBS report on Saturday. The Howard County Police Department messaged that at least three persons were dead on Twitter. The number of persons injured nor the how badly they may have been injured is not yet known, and the names of those shot and killed has not yet been reported.

According to the report, the gunman may be injured or perhaps even one of the dead persons in the incident as police have stated that one of the dead persons was found with ammunition and a gun nearby. The shooting occurred on the second floor of the huge mall. A Twitter image showed customers and employees hiding from the shooter in a stock room.

There was a call to 911 at approximately 11:15 a.m. ET on Saturday which reported the firing of gunshots. Shortly thereafter, police arrived with K-9 units. There were reports of local scanners requesting many mass casualty units. The mall was put on lockdown after the shooting. Naturally, people are being advised to avoid the area until further notice.