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Columbia mall shooting leaves 3 dead: Shelter in place drills at mall paid off

The shooting at the mall in Columbia leaves three people dead, which includes the person police believe to be the shooter. According to Fox News live on Jan. 25, the police are fairly confident that the shooter was the person they found dead with a shotgun and ammunition near his body, reports the Los Angeles Times Saturday afternoon.

Columbia mall shooting leaves 3 dead, including the shooter.
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It would stand to reason they would know this for sure by now once viewing all the security cameras at the mall. While the initial shots caused chaos, the mall then went quiet as those not near exits, sheltered in place.

A good part of the chaos turning organized rather quickly is credited to the training given to employees of the various stores at the mall. The shooting happened at a store at the mall. During the police conference authorities revealed that it was a store on the upper level, but police did not release the name of that store.

Victoria Secrets employees were one of the stores that had that training and people who sheltered in that store were impressed at the action taken by the employees. As soon as the gunshots were fired, the metal gate went down and people sheltered in place out of sight in the backroom.

Mid-afternoon the police went from store to store telling those hiding that it was safe to come out. Because it is Saturday, it was a busy day at the mall, said Howard County Police Chief William J. McMahon.

“We are very confident that it was a single shooter, that there are no other shooters in the mall,” the police chief said during a press conference this afternoon, according to the L.A. Times. This is where the security cameras come in extremely helpful. Police can be confident after watching what actually went on.

The three dead include the shooter, but nothing is known about the identities or ages of these three people. There’s no information released about the two people who were shot and killed by the shooter.

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