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Columbia area church begins month of Haiti relief focus

Photo courtesy of The United Nations Development Programme's photostream
Photo courtesy of The United Nations Development Programme's photostream
Logan Abassi / The United Nations

In the wake of the earthquakes in Haiti, the United States and many other countries have cooperated to bring relief to the devastated nation. Friend Church in Irmo, SC has its own plan to assist the struggling Haiti people.

As documented in this recent Wall Street Journal article, the effectiveness of bureaucratic aid organizations to swiftly get help to the people who need it most has been questioned by numerous people on the ground in Haiti. Charitable groups that have operated in Haiti for years have become crucial to the relief efforts. These organizations have a history of successful ministry in Haiti and have developed the trust and respect of the people. One such organization is Air Calvary, which flies supplies in with helicopters and small planes to areas that are hard to reach by trucks. Air Calvary has performed dozens of missions since the earthquake to bring relief to areas not being reached by conventional means. More such missions will be made possible as these organizations receive much needed funding.

Beginning tomorrow, January 31st, Friend Church will donate ten percent of its weekly giving over the next four weeks toward Haiti relief efforts. Each week the church will highlight a specific group with a history of success ministering in Haiti. The relief effort portion of the giving that week will be donated directly to the organization that is highlighted during the worship service. People can know where their donations are going and how they are being used to relieve the suffering of Haitians.

Friend Church is certainly not the only Columbia area ministry that is reaching out to the Haiti earthquake victims. Christians in Columbia have a long history of generosity to those in need, so feel free to mention your church's Haiti relief efforts in the comment section so that others may join in.