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Colts give fans a chance to win $500,000 with their weather challenge

The view Colts fans will either love or hate if they participate in the Colts Half a Million Dollar Weather Challenge.
The view Colts fans will either love or hate if they participate in the Colts Half a Million Dollar Weather Challenge.Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Every season, thousands of football fans participate in one form of fantasy football or another. From head-to-head competition to game-by-game pick 'em leagues fans have a chance to become more involved in their favorite sport. The Indianapolis Colts are now offering their fans a chance to dive deeper into the fantasy world. It was announced Monday the Colts will offer $500,000 to a fan that can win their Half a Million Dollar Weather Challenge.

What is the catch? Fans will need to guess the kickoff temperature for all game, both preseason and regular-season. This includes both home and away competitions. The fans will also need to determine whether or not the roof at Lucas Oil Stadium will be open or closed during each of the Colts' home games. If someone can predict all variables, they will receive half a million dollars. If not, no one wins.

As stated on, this contest can be affected by NFL Flex Scheduling. Fans need to predict the outdoor temperature at the time of actual kickoff. In other words, if the Colts week 13 game against the Washington Redskins were to be moved from 1:00 p.m. to Sunday Night Football, the correct answer will be the temperature in Indianapolis that Sunday night at kickoff.

Fans who are interested in participating need to complete the contest registration prior to the start of the season. The Colts want submissions by 12:01 p.m. ET on Thursday, August 7. This is hours before the Colts' first preseason match-up against the New York Jets.

The National Weather Service (@NWSIndianapolis) tweeted Monday "Odds of precisely predicting 20 days of specific temps at more than 10 days ahead may be around 54,000,000,000,000,000,000,000:1".

Although the challenge is designed to make winning highly unlikely, anything is possible. To those who decide to enter the contest, good luck.

For more full contest rules or more information, please visit the official Weather Challenge Webpage at