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Colts' Dwight Freeney on Dr. Phil - how to spot a gold digger

Colts' defensive end Dwight Freeney was featured this week on the Dr. Phil Show. In an episode about gold diggers -- women who only date men for their money -- Freeney went undercover as a limo driver to gauge the ladies' interest in going out with him, not knowing he is worth NFL millions.

The ladies, of course, shut him down, and felt slightly embarassed after the big reveal was made on the show. Whether Freeney actually shuns these types of females in real life, I don't know, but I do think it's pretty cool that he went on the show to talk about the types of women for whom athletes must look out.

That being said, we certainly don't feel bad for athletes with millions of dollars who have hot women throwing themselves at them 24/7. Most of these guys know that many of the women found in clubs are indeed gold diggers, but they really don't care. Let's face it, most young pro athletes with a lot of cash probably aren't looking for a serious relationship, and the 300-plus pound lineman with constant sweat stains really doesn't care that the smokin' chick on his arm likes him for his money.

Guys lke Freeney have been there, done that, and hopeffully there were a few young ballers watching the show this week to take his advice. One day, they will wake up and realize the party scene is stale. They won't be missed by the gold diggers -- a new batch of rookies just walked through the door.

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  • jose 6 years ago

    i think freeney was stupid to participate because the women weren't the least bit interestested in him. so he better be lucky that he has money. lol

  • jamie 6 years ago

    The gold digger on the show is Baje and she's has a book out called A Gold Diggers Guide (how to get what you want without giving it up). She's a smart woman, she knows what she's doing. I think she only went on Dr. Phil fro the free publicity.

    Check out her book at

  • Lindsey 6 years ago

    Thanks, Jose. It would be interesting to see if any numbers were exchanged after the show!

  • Lindsey 6 years ago

    Thanks, Jamie! If Baje isn't looking for anything other than $$ in a relationship, then she is smart to target certain men. There will always be plenty of takers who aren't looking for substance, either.