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Colossal Cave

Colossal Cave is a cave system located a little past Tucson, Arizona. The Hohokam, Sobaipuri, and Apache Native Americans used the cave originally. It was later rediscovered and used as a place to collect Guano, or bat feces. The cave has since dried up and therefore cannot grow anymore due to the lack of water within it. Today, Colossal Cave is a huge tourist attraction.

Despite all of the tourists gathering there to see the bats and hear about the cave's past, Colossal Cave proves to be haunted.

People who take the tour of the cave speak of being touched or pushed by spirits. People have experienced hearing voices (sometimes singing) of past miners. Others have claimed to feel someone breathing on their neck. While, some people will have their lights completely drained of power. There is even a miner who is said to charge at tourists with his pickaxe in the air.

Colossal Cave is a place where people can not only experience what it is like to be within a cave, but also experience the spirits of the people who worked and lived there.

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