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Colors of Easter for the doll collector

MA's Ballerina dolls not only a great Easter gifts but they carry sweet colors of Easter
Courtesy of Madame Alexander

Hello New York Doll Collectors! I was looking around for doll gift ideas to share with you, for those of you who are into the Easter season; This would include loving the pastel and sweet hues of those colorful dyed eggs, the bold colors of jelly beans, and those marshmallow peeps. Why the colorful vision of dyed eggs and candy? Because, when taking a look at Madame Alexander's (MA) "Ballerinas and Fairies" collection, it seems to remind the palette of sweetness. Don't believe me? Take a particular look at MA's Pirouette in Purple Ballerina Doll. On this cutie of a doll, the color purple, that was chosen for this doll's dance tutu, gives a wonderful air of Easter's glory of sweets. Decorated with subtle silver sparkles, and matching purple ballet slippers, the Pirouette doll engages that sweet tooth... for doll collecting. Or how about the red hots of Firebird Ballerina Doll? The colors of red hots are built up into a sparkly red tutu, with a big hit of two gold like wings, embroidered on the front of the custom.

Hmmmm, these dolls are sweet to look at, and a wonderful gift to give for Easter; For family members, friends or yourself.

Visit New York Madame Alexander online.

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