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Colors along the way; a personal album

California storm headed my way
California storm headed my way
Ray Pearson

I like driving long road trips; I like to drink single malt Scotch whisky; I like to eat. Most of all, I like the colors these things bring to the enrichment of my spirit and soul.

On the road, a constant parade of colors, contrasts, and moods keep me focused. Soft pastels melt into primary colors; monochromes morph into neon-like dazzle. Nature never fails to provide endless vistas to refresh, reflect, and recall. The album photos of on-the-road scenes were taken in Nova Scotia, California, and New Mexico.

I don’t buy into the “we eat with our eyes” philosophy – the vibrant greens of cilantro and artichokes come to mind, neither of which do I care for. I’m a pretty basic guy when it comes to food. I think bright, vivid and strong colors are good to eat. My culinary color palette is a simple one. The album photos of food were taken in California, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona.

As a single malt Scotch educator, I am always mesmerized by the range of beautiful colors various brands exhibit. In the words of a friend and Scottish songwriter, Robin Laing, they range from “palest yellow to deepest gold”. I’m privileged to get to many wonderful locations, almost always with a malt in hand. The album photos show memorable whiskies in memorable locations, including Yosemite’s Ahwanhee Hotel, El Tovar at the Grand Canyon, Washington’s Salish Lodge, Ravella Resort in Nevada, Whispering Straits Golf Club in Michigan, and – my favorite – my own patio.

John Muir’s comment in his 1912 book, The Yosemite, describes my attraction to colors in travel, food, and whisky: “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.”