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Colorful, hand-crafted skis: Praxis Skis in Lake Tahoe

The new Park-N-Ride and the SND (Slice-N-Dice) is Praxis Skis' answer to the perfect edge to edge hard snow carver. One for that speed freak that enjoys a stable ride.
Praxis Skis

Praxis Skis are constructed by inspired skiers who take pride in producing the perfect ride for a variety of individual needs and styles. By designing skis that work for the individual, Praxis Skis aims to elevate the experience of skiing by reducing fatigue and increasing the amount of time you’re on the hill.

Like many ski companies, this time of year Praxis Skis is starting to roll out new ski plans for 2015. This year Praxis Skis is adding more options to its already stacked lineup.

“With a record-setting year in Tahoe so far, the factory has been high and dry for longer then we care to talk about,” Praxis Skis stated in a press release. “What did the ski engineers at Praxis do with this poorly dealt hand of weather? We took this pile of lemons and made sweet lemonade!”

Actually what they built are some cambered skis that carve ice and other firm snow conditions just in case the snow decides to hold out for the rest of this season.

“For us it was a chance to test skis in a new way. Get out, go fast, and carve."

This year, Praxis Skis has honed in on the versatile all-mountain carvers that you would not want to take out on a powder day. For a crew of off-piste powder seeking freeriders, this is a fun and interesting experience that brought skiers back to their early years of racing and chasing gates.

Praxis Skis has two new additions to our 2015 lineup.

These two skis find a common ground, having a slim waist of only 82 mm and an attitude ready to rip up the hard pack.

The new Park-N-Ride and the SND (Slice-N-Dice) is our answer to the perfect edge to edge hard snow carver. One for that speed freak that enjoys a stable ride.

The 2015 Praxis Park-N-Ride is the ski you will be carving all over the mountain. Bumps, Stumps and Jumps are the theme for this ski. A ski that bleeds fun and an effortless ride all over the mountain.

Limited number of new skis

A limited number of the 2015 Park N Rides are in stock and available now at a great introductory price. Praxis Skis is also offering a made-to-order sale on the new SND for this week only. Order this week and Praxis Skis will make a custom SND for the same low price as our current in stock models.
Praxis Skis in North Lake Tahoe travels to a different beat when designing skis. This is not about mass manufacturing, because Praxis handcrafts its colorful, decorative skis.

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