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Colorful cosplay brightens Sakura-Con Saturday

Litchi and Taokaka from "BlazBlue."
Litchi and Taokaka from "BlazBlue."
Karen Luong during Sakura-Con; used with permission

It took a few years of attending the Sakura-Con anime convention to experience this, but 2014 marks the first time that this Examiner has experienced rain in Seattle. Granted, it wasn't a torrential downpour that would cause the citizens of Seattle to Google “How to Build an Ark.” But it did make the walk between Sakura-Con and the hotel a rather unpleasant experience. And always one to write up his experiences, this Californian can at least understand why people often talk about how gray Seattle can be.

A color contrasting pair of cosplayers spotted on Saturday of Sakura-Con 2014.
Karen Luong

Nevertheless, the cosplaying attendees of Sakura-Con brightened Seattle's Washington State Convention Center with their colorful costumes. Whether constructed by themselves or commissioned by others, the attendees cosplayed from a variety of anime and video game titles. Attendees of Sakura-Con generally kept indoors where the cosplayers could pose for photos, mingle with like minded fans during cosplay gatherings, and hit the exhibition hall to add more to their anime collection while the weather of the Seattle outdoors was less than delightful.

Cosplaying from current hit anime series like “Attack on Titan” to obscure anime like “Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo,” the Sakura-Con attendees enjoyed each other's company as much as they enjoyed their mutual love of anime and pop culture. This camaraderie among anime fans is what makes anime convention going worthwhile--through rain or shine.

Preferably shine.

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