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Colored Salads - salads to fit in any scheme of decoration - recipes


A Salad to Fit in With Any Scheme of Decoration You May Wish to Carry Out.


To make a yellow salad use the yellower heart leaves of lettuce. On them put diced orange pulp, dressed with French dressing and sprinkled with chopped walnut meats. Or else scoop out the centers of small yellow-skinned apples and fill them with a mixture of orange and apple, dressed with mayonnaise made with lemon juice for thinning and a flavoring of mustard.


On green, but tender leaves of lettuce, put a little mound of spinach, which has been boiled and pressed through a sieve and mixed with French dressing. In the center of each mound, concealed by the spinach, put a spoonful of chopped hard-boiled egg.

Green and White

Peel and boil tiny white turnips of equal size and hollow out the center of each. Fill with cold boiled peas and mayonnaise and put on green lettuce leaves.


Celery, potato, chicken—white meat only—white fish, blanched asparagus—any or two of these may be used for white salad. Dress with French dressing or with a white mayonnaise, to which the beaten white of egg has been added and which has been thinned with vinegar.


Scoop out the inside of tomatoes. Save the slice removed from the top for a cover and replace it on the tomato after filling it with a mixture of celery and nut meats, mixed with mayonnaise. Place each tomato on a white leaf of lettuce.


Strain tomato juice and mix it with equal quantity of white stock—veal or chicken. Thicken sufficiently with gelatin and harden in molds. Serve on white lettuce leaves, with mayonnaise that has been colored with a little cranberry juice.

Orange Salad

Make mayonnaise with much egg yolk in proportion to other ingredients, and thin with cider vinegar. Dice tender carrots and arrange on lettuce leaves, dressing with orange mayonnaise.

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