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Colored brow trends

Alternative to flashy, colored brows.
Alternative to flashy, colored brows.

In the past two years or so, cult brands and makeup artists have been sporting colored brows. Colorful brows are fun, bold, and daring. However, colored brows are not for everyone, when selecting the right brow color, many factors must be taken into consideration. These factors include, but are not limited to, natural hair color, current hair color, skin tone, profession, and personality.

Those with naturally black hair and olive skin may not sport yellows and blonds well. Darker tones or pinker and bluer hues may work better.

Although purple and blue brows are not natural, you will want to pick colors that better work with your current hair color.

Professional office settings such as in the fields of legal, medical, banking, real estate, and accounting, are not appropriate venues to showcase green or orange brows.

Wearing colored brows requires a personality type that pleases oneself rather than the masses. If you cannot handle stares and/or are self-conscious, colored brows are not for you.

To integrate the best of both worlds, I have found a way to be self-expressive by adding color to my brows while still maintaining an appearance of professionalism.

Here are the steps to my fun brow routine for professional offices:

  1. Using a brow pencil or brush, outline the bottom edge of brows, starting Galway outward, brushing outward, but working inward. We want more color towards the outer end and less towards the inner end by nose bridge.
  2. Fill-in brows as you would normally.
  3. Polish, tidy, and clean rough edges by lining concealer around the brow with a color about two shades lighter than your skin tone. This also acts as highlight.
  4. Use a liquid liner to create a single outline of the lower edge of brows.

This is a fun way to conform with office standards while making a subtle statement.

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